Strategic growth starts with the right heavy equipment leasing and financing

Our Story

Our strength as a financier lies in our flexibility

Whereas most conventional lenders look at financial statements and ratios to determine credit worthiness, we look beyond the numbers to place an equal amount of emphasis on character, trust and building a long-term working relationship. We are not constrained by the restrictions placed on the big financial institutions, so we can adapt your financing to work within your business cycles and help you accomplish your goals. Proven experience, flexibility and unmatched integrity. It’s the Essex difference!

Our customers build the gritty, hidden, supporting structures under our feet and behind our walls—the roads we drive on, the resources we build with—the fuel that provides energy that powers all the moving parts of our community. Essex provides equipment financing and leasing to help make that happen. We’re here to remove obstacles. To make things simple and to take care of the details so customers can focus on their business. Because when we clear the path for customers, we clear the path to a better future!

Your business is a driving force of the economy, but you require the right equipment to keep powering ahead. This is where Essex can help you out!

We have the expertise and flexible equipment financing solutions to help you pave the way to a greater productivity and profitability!

As we grow our business, we hope to work along side of you while you grow yours!

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