The Essex Difference

We clear the path so our customers can move mountains.

Our customers build the gritty, hidden, supporting structures under our feet and behind our walls—the roads we drive on, the resources we build with—the fuel that provides energy that powers all the moving parts of our community. ESSEX provides equipment financing and leasing to help make that happen. We’re here to remove obstacles. To make things simple and to take care of the details so customers can focus on their business. Because when we clear the path for customers, we clear to the path to a better future.

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We’ll start by getting to know as much about your business as we can. This allows us to tailor a finance proposal that best suits your Entrepreneurs are used to hearing ‘no’. At Essex, our job is to find a way to yes. It takes grit and determination for our customers to succeed. We start by understanding your business and what our role can be in helping you achieve your goals.

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